Project open on another computer - or something like it

I’m running Scrivener on a desktop and a netbook. I save a zipped backup of the project and load it on to the other machine whenever I make a “machine transistion” (I do this via Fire FTP and my own webspace. Simpler and easier than Dropbox or some other cloud solution). I do this at least twice a day and usually more.
I am really tired of Scrivener telling me that this project is open on another computer. Is there a way to turn this message off? And if not, can the message be rewritten to be a little more accurate? Right now it sounds like a warning that the other machine is on and doing secret things to my project behind my back.

And I’ll ask this question again: is there a way (or is it a planned feature) to save directly to a zipped backup instead of jumping through the same UI hoops every time? Maybe ALT+CTL+S for saving as the backup format to a designated place (without having to specify the location yet again). I don’t want to do the scut work, that’s what the computer is for.