Project opens at same place

When I open a particular project it always goes to the same chapter not the last one that I worked on. I would really like it to open to the spot where I left off. I think I may have accidentally change a setting somewhere how can I change this back? Thanks.

This hingles partly on whether your chapters are each self contained in a single text document or made up of several text documents within a folder… and whether you are viewing/editing within a single text document view vs. viewing/editing within a scrivenings (composite) view containing multiple text documents displayed one after the other.

When you leave off (exit), are you viewing/editing a single text document at the time (i.e. that specific text document is selected in the binder)… or multiple documents within a scrivenings (composite) view (a folder containing the documents is selected in the binder)?

If you were viewing/editing a single text document at the time, then you should find yourself in that same single text document, at exactly the same point within the document that you were, when you restart.

If you were viewing/editing a scrivening (composite view of multiple documents), then I believe you will find yourself in that same scrivening, but at the top of the first of those documents, without a current active cursor position. It seems desirable that it would return you to the exact position within the exact document within the scrivening on restart… and I have suggested that via the Wishlist sub-forum… but my experience is that it currently does not. I tend to work in scrivenings rather than in individual documents. My workaround is to select text right at the spot I’m working in a scrivening before I exit. The selection highlighting is retained across sessions. So, on restart, I’m then able to browse down through the scrivening and find where I was at. There may be some other option, such as setting a bookmark or some such.