Project Opens but all files are blank?! HELP!

I’ve been having the problem with my files not opening on double-click, though they open through the program fine–however, suddenly every project, and every version of the project–backups included–when I open them, the project is there with all of my chapter titles and labels, but the files are completely blank-I’ve lost all the text in the files and all the text on the notecards in corkboard mode. Are they lost for good? I’ve tried everything!

Until someone who really knows what they are doing gets back to you, to check your files go to where you store them and get right down to the text i.e. double click your project e.g. noellegracestuff.scriv then double click Files then double click Docs and you should find your stuff in rich text files. These will be openable with office or whatever rich text word processor you are currently using. At the very least you should be able to see if theres a few kilobytes of info in them and put your mind to rest. Probably something very easy to sort. Good luck!

Have you tried restarting the software and/or rebooting the computer? Someone else reported a similar problem, where everything appeared to be blank, but after a reboot it was fine. It seemed to be a memory problem or something. Another thing you can check is to put the editor in Outliner mode and turn on the word-count column.