Project opens on Mac but not on Windows

Hello all. Hope everyone’s having a good holiday season.

I’m in a bit of a jam. I’ve been working on a long fiction thing–somewhere north of 15,000 words so far–and I’ve been writing on the same Scrivener project using both the Mac and PC version. I’m syncing between computers using Dropbox, so I’m always very careful to make sure Dropbox is done with whatever it does before I try to open the file on another machine, etc.

As of last night, I can now open and edit my project on the Mac, but not on the PC. When I open the project on the PC I just get the little “create a new project” screen. On the Mac, it opens fine. I’ve tried saving a new copy of the project on the Mac to a flash drive and opening it from that on the PC, I’ve tried opening a backup copy of the project on the PC, I’ve tried everything. Can’t get it to open on the PC version anymore. Still opens fine on the Mac version, with all my metadata, my compile settings, my word count goals, etc.

It’s a bummer because up until this point everything has been flawless. I only compile on the Mac, but other than that everything has worked great, and I’ve split my time between Mac and PC about 50/50. What do I do now? Am I going to have to make a new Scrivener project?

Most likely you have some conflicted files from a bad Dropbox sync which are preventing hte Windows version from opening the project correctly. Usually it’s a duplicate .scrivx project file inside the .scriv folder, so that’s what I’d check for first–just take a look inside the project’s folder on Windows (when it’s not open in Scrivener) or right-click the .scriv file on the Mac and choose Show Project Package. Check for and remove any “conflicted” files throughout the package–you may have some others in the Settings or Files/Docs folder, for instance. I’d just move them to another location for now rather than deleting them, particularly any RTF files in the Docs folder, since this would be all your actual writing and you may want to look through any conflicted files to ensure you didn’t lose work by overwriting with a different version at some point.

After you’ve removed the duplicates/conflicts, try again to open the project in Windows as normal.