Project Overload? - Issue Identified.

Seeking some support -

I have three projects open. However, the text is not displaying in two of these. Each project is approx. 70,000 words, plus cover image [= 1 mb]. Compile works for one project with blank text, generated word doc with all text.

Windows 10 Pro, 32 GB RAM, 64 bit. Scriv v

Difficult to work with if I can only have one project open.


So I combining projects - trying to build a box set. When I add the third project Scrivener crashes - disappears. This is beyond frustrating - do we have to regard the software as beta?

Note this is a Windows version not Mac.

For what it’s worth, I made throwaway copies of three different projects (163MB, 162MB, 92MB) that I could experiment with safely, had them all open at the same time, was able to view text in all three simultaneously, was able to copy (via drag and drop) a 70K words multi-documents section and a 30K words document from the second and third projects into the first, and was still able to compile. That’s on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit with 8GB RAM. I don’t recall seeing other reports of such a problem.

Do each of the projects currently open, view, and compile fine on their own, individually?

I would suggest that you contact Literature and Latte’s tech support directly via email as discussed here.

Good luck.

Thanks for the follow-up. I’ve raised it with support. Suspect is - Scaling on HiDPI Displays - and solution
requires a hack to the registry - not sure I want to do that at the moment. So I’m working within the limitations.