Project renaming, Mac, Dropbox

What is the best way to rename a project stored on Dropbox?
I renamed the project directly where it is stored, dropbox. Things are fine on the mac desktop scrivener project. But the mobile versions had an error and the red dot? or red sync arrows? maybe both.
I made sure my project on desktop synced with dropbox. And tried to sync with mobile devices - iphone, ipad - a few times.
I changed the name back in dropbox - from Luke and Henry back to Luke And Henry - and the mobile devices synced. The change in project name was just the A in And, back from lower cast to capital.

What you did as described should work I think. Symptoms seems that Dropbox didn’t complete the sync, but you say you let it go. Humm. As a first step, I suggest you login to the Dropbox Server with a browser and see if the project name is updated there. That would confirm at least the change got uploaded, or not as the case may be. Then the next step is to work on the reason the new names doesn’t propagate downward to the mobil devices.

If I understand correctly, the only change was to change the letter case of ‘A’ to ‘a’? If so that might throw a wrench in things, as macOS isn’t file-system case-sensitive, I’m sure iOS isn’t either, and Dropbox is a whole different unknown. It’s one of those things some people feel it is more user friendly (not accidentally possible to end up with Henry.txt and henry.txt in the same folder) and others find confusing, for reasons like this. You change the name of something but it’s essentially cosmetic, meaning at the machine level ‘henry.txt’ = ‘Henry.txt’, thus, nothing to sync!

You may note in fact that the on your iPad or iPhone won’t even let you rename something merely to change its letter case. You have to add some inconsequential mistake, rename it with the corrected case, then remove the mistake in a second rename action. And in my testing, just syncing “Tutorial.scriv” and renaming it to ‘tutorial.scriv’ in (via the workaround I described), the iPad version remains convinced that Tutorial.scriv = tutorial.scriv. Because that’s the user friendly answer, right? :wink:

You might find the very workaround I describe here sufficient to fix this though. Rename it to “Luke and Henry-.scriv” on the Mac, let it sync, on the iPad it should change to that after syncing, do the same for the iPhone because it’s going to get confused if you fix it right now. Once everything has the dash in the name, now use any of the iOS devices to remove the dash and sync everything back up.

It’s also likely you could just go around on each device and lowercase each one by hand before syncing any of them. Since that would be the only material change made, that would be safe to do in theory, even though ordinary editing all three devices “offline” like that is a recipe for conflicts. So long as you don’t actually open it and just change the name, it should work and if anything everything will report “no changes”.