Project Replace: any suggestions for how to clean up a mess ?

Frequently I ignore my advice to myself to not persevere when over-tired. Which is why I now find myself with a mess.

When I reformat text to my specification that I’ve copied and pasted into a file it gets bunched up into a single paragraph. Having asked on this forum how to insert a line break after a full stop, I now process all bunched up text with two line spaces - Edit>Project Replace> (dot space) with (dot, line break, line break). Wonderful.

The mess has arisen because, in my weary state, I unwittingly replaced the full stop with a comma. Which would not have been bad enough had I not spotted under Scope that I had not selected ‘Selected Documents Only’.

The upshot is that every full stop in my Project has been replaced by a comma.

Earlier this eek I encounter a glitch with my computer that resulted in my custom settings for almost all of the apps I use having to be redone. Scrivener was amongst them, requiring me to re-enter the license code and redo the back up to Dropbox and so on. As I write this, it occurs to me that I could restore an earlier back-up project file from time Machine, except that I would then have to redo all the copy and paste entries that I’ve done since. And since I don’t think I’ve still got the original text I suspect I could end worse off.

I suppose I could perform a project replace of all the commas in the project, but that would include all the commas that are supposed to be commas. Alternatively I could manually edit each comma to a full stop as I go. But I’m wondering in all this whether there is another way of getting out of the mess I’ve got in?

Have you looked at Scrivener’s own automatic backups? You can find them by going to Scrivener -> Preferences -> Backups, and opening the backup folder in Finder.

By default, I think Time Machine runs every fifteen minutes or so, so it might provide a better alternative than you think.

But either way, I’d say restoring from the best backup you have is likely to be the best solution. Further use of the Project Replace command could very easily make things worse, not better.