Project Replace doesn't affect File Names

Hi Keith-- I tried to search whether someone had pointed this out before, but my search skills are not the best, so accept my apologies if I’m repeating an earlier find. This is really a very minor bug, and doesn’t bother me, but I wondered if you were aware of it. When I try to do a Project Replace of a word, the replace does not take effect if the word appears in a file name. Mostly I have been changing the names of characters to suit my whims, and since I have a file for each character with that character’s name as the title, I picked up the lack of change there. It’s easy to work around, as the replace function works beautifully everywhere else.

And yet again, my most profound thanks for Scrivener. Every day I say a little continued prayer of blessing for it. :smiley:


Hi Molly,

Yes, I’m aware of this - I have it on my list to add in some future version, but for now Project Replace only affects the text within documents rather than document titles or anything else.

Thanks for your kind words about Scrivener!