Project Replace doesn't work?

Okay. What am I missing, here?

I need to replace one name with another throughout my entire manuscript. I select Project Replace, type in the word I need to replace (and/or copy/paste it from the manuscript, to make sure I’m entering it exactly as I’d typed it), then I type in the word I want to replace it with. I click REPLACE…

…and get “not found”, even though I’m staring at a good ten instances of the name-needing-replaced in question.

I’ve got Text, notes, synopses selected, it’s set to ignore case and “whole word” is clicked off.

I give up. What am I doing wrong?

What is the name? Is there any punctuation in it?

Yes, there’s punctuation. I’m trying to replace 'Vao with ‘Vão. Removing the ’ sort-of worked; it replaced the name for the text chapter I was in, but not the whole project.

Ah, that’s the explanation. I don’t think “whole word” will work with an apostrophe at the start of the word - in fact, I know it won’t, because apostrophes either side of the word will not be counted as part of the word. So you will need to change that setting. (You will see this is the case in other programs, too, such as TextEdit and Pages.)

Hope that helps.
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KB, is the search/replace function using regex? If so what happens is you escape the '?

Too lazy to try myself.

No, it’s not using regex. Just regular Cocoa NSAttributedString methods.
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I’ve never gotten this to successfully work. There are always a few places it doesn’t catch. Like the tags area, and/or the names of text document or folders (sections, chapters). A bit frustrating.

Names of folders aren’t covered by project replace as yet, but will be in 2.0. Tags (I assume you mean keywords) are not, though.