Project Replace Glitch

here’s my story:

i’m trying to change a single word throughout my project, a possessive, from Michaels’ to Michaels’s. have attempted this using both find/replace and project replace. both attempts failed, finding and replacing only a couple of instances (there’s dozens) and in one case dropping the word Michaels’s into the middle of the word Shaskespearean, in another adding multiple sss’s to the end of a Michaels.

is this because of a glitch in the software or am i not doing it correctly?

help, please.


It sounds as though this may be a bug related to the apostrophe - I don’t think I ever tested the feature with an apostrophe. I’m due to go through the project replace feature in the next few weeks to add support for changing document titles (which are skipped at the moment), so I’ve added this to my “to do” list to check when I look at that code. I’ll let you know what I find when I get to it. In the meantime, use a project search to find all instances of Michaels’ and then use the regular Find panel in each returned document to replace it with Michaels’s. I know it’s a little more time consuming, but at least it will definitely work until I can investigate further.

Thanks and all the best,


i’ll be interested to hear how the update goes.

unrelated: i didn’t get an email when you responded to my post. hence the delay. weird.

thanks again,