Project Replace is Scary

I find that doing a Replace All for the entire project is a little worrisome (especially since it can’t be undone), and I’d rather go to each instance and click Replace and Find, at least for the first few.

The way the Find dialog works for an individual file – it would be great that could be done on a project-wide basis.

How would that be different than Project Replace? You would still have the undo problem, because Scrivener doesn’t actually open your entire project at once, that would make it a memory hog. When you do a full project replace it’s going through all of the files on the disk, changing them and close them to reclaim memory.

What I tend to do before making a dramatic change to the entire project though is make a quick backup with File/Back Up/Back Up Now.

Another alternative is Scrivenings mode, where you can do a more selective large-scale find and replace.

Ah, yes, scrivenings mode solves the problem.

Project Replace is different because you can’t view each instance before replacing (or at least view the first few before continuing).

Your backup system is well conceived and works great, but it doesn’t solve this problem. Let’s say you wanted to change all instances of “bad” to “lousy,” and Project Replace changed 28 instances. However, because you couldn’t monitor each change, you only discover a month later that you also modified 10 instances of Carlsbad to Carlslousy. At that point, your backup won’t help you at all.

But scrivenings mode is perfect, and that is how I’ll do it in the future.