'Project replace' quandary


Recently I hit a snag when trying to use Project replace. Currently, the only option is to “replace all”, and that is the problem.

I wanted to replace all instances of the Swedish word ‘skall’ (= shall) to the more colloquial ‘ska’.

Unfortunately, there’s a homonym ‘skall’, meaning the bark of a dog, and I had several instances of that ‘skall’ in the text (100,000 words +) that I naturally didn’t want to replace.

I still haven’t figured out how to do it. Hopefully, Scrivener 2 will have an option in Project replace to ‘replace and find next’.



Scrivener 2.0 will work the same in this regard, but it’s already fairly straightforward.

Search for “skall” using the regular toolbar project search. This will bring up the search results, replacing the binder - a list of all documents containing “skall”. Then select each document and bring up the regular Find panel (cmd-F) to use Replace and Find Next.


Thanks for the pointer!

I’d assumed as much; only, it’s 42 documents that would have to be individually sorted out, so in this case it may be more practical to delay the replacing operation until the final export to Nisus WP.



Can’t you just open the whole thing in an Edit Scrivenings session and use Find on that? It seems to work for me. Unless I’m misunderstanding the problem.

Thank you, Insignia! You certainly didn’t misunderstand; the problem was that I didn’t understand, in this case the beauty of Edit Scrivenings!

I learn something in every session. Scrivener always turns out to have unexpected depths…

Thanks again and best regards,


If you know where the homonyms are, you could temporarily change them to something bogus, like “xXXx”, then do a wipe on everything else, and go back and fix the few deviant cases.

Thanks, that’s a clever idea. Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly where they are (42 documents, total of around 110 k words), so I’d still have to go through 42 discreet documents, if Insignia hadn’t come up with the Edit Scrivenings tip.

With Edit Scrivenings I only had one, though long, document to sift through and could use the regular ‘Replace and find’. Piece of cake, really. :wink:

Thanks again!