Project Replace Status Bar -Frozen?


Using beta 3, I did a Project Replace while in Edit Scrivenings. Everything worked fine with the Status Bar showing the normal moving blue bar to indicate the progress. However when it got to the end the bar stopped and nothing else happened.

I was waiting for it to show it was complete or to clear the status bar to indicate it was done. It appears it completed the Project Replace however the Status Bar stayed with the blue status bar at the end. I was able to close and the Project Replace seemed to work.

When I opened Project Replace later the Status Bar was still in the same almost/done state. I did a new Project Replace and the line again moved freezing at the end confusing me with whether it was done yet. It is done but the indicator doesn’t seem to take the last step of indicating it is.


The progress bar is supposed to just stay at full blue once the search is finished, to show that it is done. Then you close the sheet yourself (in case you want to do another replace). You are right that I made a minor oversight in that I did not clear the progress indicator when the sheet was called up again after being used and closed before, and I have now fixed that. However, the intended behaviour is still for the progress bar to stay at full blue after you have made a replacement until you do another replace or close the sheet.
Thanks for the bug report,
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Thanks for the information. It is good to know the intended behavior is for the progress bar to stay at full blue once the search is done. That makes sense and will work for me.

It’s also nice to see the next version will have a cleared progress indicator when the sheet is brought up again.

As always, thanks for all your work with Scrivener.