Project Replace Too Tall for My Screen


Generally love Scrivener 3 but have run into a serious glitch with Project Replace. The box containing PR is too tall for my computer (a 13" standard Dell). i’ve stripped away all the toolbars and the footer and I still can’t get to that last line where I have to click to make the replace happen.

Hoping someone can suggest a workaround for this. Many thanks and Best of the Season to everyone.

You can use your keyboard to move a particular window to a certain spot onscreen. First, press Alt+Tab to pick the window you want to move.

When the window is selected, press Alt+Space to open a small menu in the upper-left corner. Press the arrow key to select “Move,” and then press enter.

Use the arrow keys to move the window where you want it onscreen, and then press Enter.

Hope this helps

Thanks so much for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it doesn’t address the problem, which is that the Project Replace box is too long to display in its entirety. I need a way to shrink the box, not move it (which I already am able to do). But, thanks again for trying.

Does changing the display resolution help?

It’s just that this way you can move the window outside screen confines, making the hidden part visible… At least when your window is out of sight.

Alt+Space, S also resizes that window, but only the width, the height is Fixed.

Higher resolution will help. Bigger monitor with higher resolution as well.

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Sounds like your screen display resolution is smaller than the minimum of 1024x768px specified for Windows at the Scrivener download page

Increasing your resolution to the minimum required would “fix” the problem, but likely be hard to read on your small screen. :pouting_cat: So if it were me, I’d opt for @AntoniDol’s workaround and move the PR panel as needed.

You may also encounter a similar challenge with a few of the other Scrivener panels, for instance Compile (File > Compile) or Options (File > Options).


Hey Jim:

Thank you. I guess I understand. My screen resolution, however, is significantly larger than what you’ve suggested. If there’s a visibility issue I’d hate to monkey with the setting. I might not be able to see well enough to get it back to my current setting and that would be dicey at best.
Unfortunately, the other suggestion doesn’t work for me either so I’ll just wait until i send the manuscript to Word and use their Replace feature. I think that’s the best workaround.
Thanks again,
p.s. Interestingly, no problems with compile or options, just replace.

Then perhaps your scaling is set to something greater than 100%? If so, you might try reducing Scaling until the PR panel fits.

Will try that, Jim. Thank you.