Project Replace with different formatting

I am trying to do a project replace, to change the format of a word or phrase throughout the project/document, in particular change something from normal text to italics. For example I want to change ‘Je suis’ to 'Je suis’. However, the replace function doesn’t seem to recognise the italics format and the text stays in regular format. Is there anyway I can do this in Scrivener?

I have OSX Mountain Lion.

Scrivener doesn’t have format based search and replace. It can find some simple types of formatting in the Edit/Find/Find by Formatting... command, but it cannot find the lack of formatting.

Thanks for your reply.

The Find isn’t really the problem - it’s the replace that’s the problem. I want to make sure certain words or phrases are all in italic throughout the project. I was wondering if RegEx might do it - but I don’t know how.

Regex deals with text only, not RTF formatting, sadly. This is going to have to be done the old fashioned way (manual search, select and italicize), though if all of your words and phrases are as unique as ‘Je suis’ , then it’s not a horrible situation. Once you’ve used the CMD-F search tool to find the first instance of the phrase, you can just hold down the CMD key and alternately tap ‘i’ and ‘g’ until you’ve gone through the entire Scrivenings session that you’ve loaded into the editor. Be sure to start at the top, since CMD G doesn’t wrap around to the beginning of the first document in the editor when you reach the end.

Thanks for your help, Robert. Your suggestion makes it easier. Much appreciated. Shame, though, that Scrivener doesn’t support changing format in find and replace.

Yeah, that’s one of the few tasks I still do in Word. I compile from Scriv, open in word, do a wildcard search and have replace superscript all the results. Then save and import back into scriv.

Of course that might not be practical depending on the complexity of the hierarchy in your binder.