Project replace with multiple words

I want to replace a two-word concept with another two-word concept and cannot using “project replace”. Any help would be appreciated.

So you want to replace all instances of “dragon hunting” with “squirrel feeding” for example? (Uh, just run with it.) You should be able to do that fine with the project replace, but make sure that you don’t have “Whole words only” checked. Since it’s still only going to replace instances of the two words together (e.g. you won’t accidentally replace “My Father’s Dragon” with “My Father’s squirrel feeding”) leaving that unchecked should be safe, but make a backup of your project first just for safety’s sake. If you need to preserve capitalization, just run the replace a couple times with “Ignore case” unchecked so you can specifically replace “dragon hunting” with “squirrel feeding” and “Dragon hunting” with “Squirrel feeding”, etc.

If that’s not working for you, could you describe what you’re doing and what results you’re getting?

It worked the fourth or fifth time around. I tried it without “whole words” checked and it didn’t work at the outset. But it works now. thanks!

Yes, but with a bit of caution. “snapdragon hunting” would get turned into “snapsquirrel feeding”. Seriously: I once proofread a document that used the word “Microsoftligent”. A wonderful coinage, but not what was intended.

Bwaha. Excellent point. Proofreading is always essential.

You could sort of get around this (I think, I haven’t had caffeine yet today) by running replacements a few times. First replace all instances of “dragon hunting” with “Ireallywanttobereplaced”–or some other nonsense word that won’t be found elsewhere, the point being that it is a single word. Then replace “whole word only” instances of “Ireallywanttobereplaced” with “squirrel hunting”. Then run replace once more to switch any lingering instances of “Ireallywanttobereplaced” (with whole word only unchecked) back to “dragon hunting”.

Or, if there are only a few occurrences, use “Replace and Find”. That way you can preview each match. Of course, real editors have regular expression searches, so you can anchor a multiple word target to only match from the beginning of a word to the end of a word.