Project Replace

I’m having a problem with Project/Replace and capitalization.

When I use Find/replace within a specific document and replace: REILLY with Reilly, every uppercase instance is properly replaced. When I do the same with Project/replace, the uppercase iterations remain, although the dialog box says 91 documents were changed. It does not matter whether “Ignore case” is checked or unchecked. Can you help? I’d prefer not to manually correct over one hundred documents! Thanks. cg

Hum. Most mysterious. It seems to replace capitals within a word correctly unless the entire word is in capitals, and then it will stick in caps regardless of the capitalization of your replacement term–e.g. you can replace “wATERMELON” with “watermelon” but you cannot replace “WATERMELON” with “watermelon”, although it does say the document was changed.

Well, if most of the instances of import are in your main text, you could view your entire draft in a Scrivenings session and then use the regular find/replace to adjust this. That won’t get your titles, synopses, etc. but it might be sufficient for the time being.

Thanks, MM, you’re a whiz!

Why is it that I can use edit scrivenings so often, yet forget I can use document Find/replace from within it? Who knows, and who cares; as long as there are great users out there willing to remind me, I doesn’t really matter. Thanks much, and have a great night!

You’re right - it maintains the capitalisation of the original word. Otherwise, especially in a script where you might have “JOHN” when the character is first mentioned or in character elements but “John” when another character refers to the character, you would have hell replacing all the names.

This scuppers your particular case, though. I have therefore changed the logic for 2.1 so that it no longer maintains uppercase if the “Replace” text is the same as the “with” text - that way you will be able to use it as you wish, to change the case of a word.

All the best,

Thanks, Keith, responsive as always.