Project replace

Can’t find any reference to this but when does Project Replace become active? Whatever screen I’m in it is always greyed out.


Strange - Project Replace should always be available provided you have a project open and active…

Definitely have a project open, definitely greyed out.

I need more details, I’m afraid, as I’ve never seen this. The only time it should be unavailable is if you are in full screen mode. If you are seeing this in normal mode, you might want to send me your project ( so that I can see if it has become corrupted somehow (though I can’t think of why or how this would happen).
Thanks and all the best,

OK. I’ve just quit Scrivener and reopened it and it’s fine. I pretty much keep it open all the time so maybe it needed ‘resetting’?


That still shouldn’t have happened and indicates some sort of bug. Could you please take a look at the console ( from the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder) and see if Scrivener spewed up any errors?