Project Replacements don't apply to Custom Columns

is this normal? is project replacements made to only filter document text or am I missing something??

actually in some cases it replaces, in some cases it doesn’t. sometimes I add just a blank line after, and it stops replacing, either I’m missing something or project replacement on columns is extremely erratic?

Here is an example project with the columns export included, where the bug appears: nothing gets replaced (73.2 KB)
ProjectReplacement.txt (35 Bytes)

I’m afraid that this is expected behaviour - it’s down to the order of operation. Scrivener first goes through and performs the replacements, and then it goes through and inserts document variables. So, in this case, the <$custom:…> replacement is occurring after the other replacements. If it didn’t work this way, there would be no way of having replacements insert tags for document variables to replace. Essentially, there has to be a particular order replacements are performed, and there is always going to be some use-case that wants the other order.

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