Project saved on Mac is blank on Windows

I’ve been working on a project from Scrivener on Mac (Scrivener 2.4.1 - Mountain Lion). When I try to open it from a Windows machine (Scrivener 1.6 - Windows 7), I can see the files in the Binder, but they are ALL blank when I try to open them. I’ve also tried to import the .scriv project, but without any success.
Could you please help? I would need a Windows user to comment some text and read the comments on my Mac. But as I can’t see the content of the project, I’m stuck here!

Footnote: files are synced with Google Drive - sync is working fine as I can open and edit the project from another Mac.

We’ve seen a lot of Google Drive troubles, so that’s still my initial suspect; in any case, it’s worth eliminating some of the sync issues in testing this. Rather than storing the live project there, try using File > Back Up > Back Up To… in Scrivener on your Mac to create a zipped copy and sync that via Google Drive. On Windows, extract the project from the archive to somewhere outside the GD folder, then try opening it. If that works properly, just repeat the process to send the edited copy back to your Mac.

Thanks, it worked!

Great, glad that’s all it took!