project.scriv files invalid

I’ve been a happy Scrivener user for a while, and this isn’t a showstopper, but it is annoying.

If Scrivener is open, I can double-click a project.scriv file and open the new project. If Scrivener is not open, I get the error message “This file is not a Scrivener project file. Please, select a valid Scrivener project file.”

I have multiple projects on the go, and was hoping to set up desktop shortcuts to the various project folders, but this will only work if the program launches properly.

I think I remember being able to launch the app from the project.scriv file in the past, but I may be mistaken. Is this a known issue? (I did do a search but didn’t see anything.)

It sounds like you need to upgrade your copy. Check the Help/Check for Updates menu command (or if that doesn’t work use the About to check your version number and compare it against the web site, downloading from there if you need to. This was a bug, but has since been fixed.

That fixed it, thanks!

I had version 1.2.1. Usually I get prompted to update, but when I ran the check from Scrivener I got an error message that I wasn’t connected to the Internet. I downloaded the file from the main site instead. (And can now check for updates again.)

Yup, that particular version had a problem with the updater as well, which is really unfortunately because that version had several critical bugs that were fixed in later releases—and the people using it don’t know there are updates because one of the bugs was the updater being broken! Not fun, but we’re gradually getting everyone fixed up. :slight_smile: