project. scrivx disappeared

My trial version ended while I was out of town, and when I got back my project.scrivx had simply vanished (searched and found only the tutorial). The rest of the folders are still there: Files, Settings, and Snapshots, but no project. I have Vista. I’ve downloaded the new trial version of Scriveners, and luckily I had backed up the project to a flash drive a week before I left, but I’ve still lost a week’s worth of work. Any ideas what went wrong? And while we’re on the subject, any way to set up an automatic daily back-up?

I haven’t heard of anything like that—especially while a computer is unattended. How did you back up? Was it a manual drag to the flash, or were you using the built-in File/Backup Project To... feature. If the former; maybe it accidentally got moved instead of dragged? I don’t know, that seems kind of unlikely as you have to specifically do that when dragging between disks. Hopefully someone who knows more will come across this thread.

One thing you could try—with a duplicate of the .scriv folder with the missing .scrivx file—is to put the .scrivx from the backup into the folder and open it. If in the past week you added or removed a lot of stuff from the outline, that might be messy, but it’s worth a shot. Basically the .scrivx file just controls file name, outline positioning, meta-data, and other things like that. The actual writing is in the Files/Docs folder. So if opening the .scrivx file doesn’t work too well, at the very least you can go into that folder and salvage your writing. You may have lost a week of organising—but the words ought to still be there.

Not yet, but that is a feature on the roadmap. It’ll just backup whenever you close the project by default and keep five of the latest for you. There will be a lot of other options too for when an automatic backup triggers; how many can be kept; etc.

Inside the Files folder, do you have a “binder.autosave” and “binder.backup” file? We might be able to restore your .scrivx from there. This does sound very bizarre, though. Had you moved your project back and forth between computers (back when you were working on it) or zipped and unzipped it at all? Something else to check, if you open the Docs folder (inside Files), does it look populated enough to contain all your documents from the project? I’m just wondering if it’s really only the .scrivx file that’s missing or if there are some other files gone as well.

If it all looks right, minus the missing .scrivx, we can try unzipping the binder.autosave file to get a backup copy of your .scrivx, which will be from the last time your project had autosaved (so more recent than your full project backup) and just put that in the top level under the .scriv folder where it should go.