project search and replace question

Hi there. This is a bit of a search/replace workflow question.

I have a character who’s name I have to change (I sometimes inadvertantly use a friend’s name, which I then have to change).

Now what is the best way to search and replace the name throughout the book.

The Project Replace does a blanket replace, but that doesn’t cover variations, and also replaces stuff that I don’t need to replace. I guess I need to check each replacement in each chapter in one hit (if I could mark stuff to come back to later with a note, that would be handy too).

Just wondering how folk do this kind of stuff. I guess it doesn’t really matter that much, because I’m way too paranoid not to just do it by hand anyway!

Remember you can use “whole word” search and replace, which will only replace occurrences of the name where it is distinct. Make sure you check that, for instance, to ensure that if you are replacing all instances of “Ted”, “busted” doesn’t get affected. Use case sensitive replace, as well.

That said, a Replace All at the project level should really be used sparingly, as it is really for clear-cut cases. Generally, I would recommend using the search field to filter your results, and then go through each returned document with a normal Find & Replace (cmd-F). This is much safer, and of course all occurrences of the found text will be highlighted in your text so it is easy to look through at a glance and see what you need to change. This is more time-consuming, but I don’t think there can ever be a really fast AND safe way to ensure that you replace everything you want and be sure that you have only replaced what you want.

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