Project Search and Replace + Undo = Sometimes Bad

Just had a friend share this with me:

She had a huge project (containing a few novels, notes, etc – all in a book series), and she did a project search and replace…and then discovered she couldn’t undo. :frowning:

I tried replicating this (by replacing a character name, or worse, by replacing the letter “a” in all my words), and while I could undo the current scrivening (or two), the Undo quickly became no longer accessible, and the majority of my project was stuck its replaced state. Of course, I could replace my character name back, but the letter “a” replacement impossible to reverse without reverting back to a backup. :neutral_face:

It would be better if there was a way to undo all the replacements, I’m guessing there’s a limitation to the number of undo’s the program can remember. Short of a full-undo, I’d suggest at least a warning to users that the massive replace may not be undone.

Otherwise, it might be a nasty shock for some users (especially during NaNo, when people sometimes replace their manuscript with scrambled letters before validating). :open_mouth:

Thanks for bringing this up. Project Replace is an not an undo-able action–technically it’s just not possible to undo across all the different documents that get affected–and there are some warnings about this in the documentation, but you’re right, there’s no warning in the project replace panel that comes up and ideally there ought to be.

If your friend is on 1.0, direct her to the “Backup” tab of Tools > Options… whence she can open the backup folder where Scrivener saves automatically-created project backups. Depending how drastic the project replace error, she may want to just restore from her most recent backup. Have her copy the backup out to the desktop or somewhere she can extract the files and then open the project in Scrivener to check it out. If she wants to just keep it as the new working version, she can close it and move it into her regular location for storing projects, replacing the fouled one with that.

Yeah, I suspected as much. Just a matter of managing expectations then.

I’m uncertain whether she’s on 1.0 but I’ll definitely pass along the suggestions, thanks! She made mentions about planning to recover a backup although it was from last week, so it could be that she was referring to a manual backup and might have overlooked the automated backup. I’ll be crossing my fingers for her.

Alas, she’s using the NaNoWriMo Trial and says she can’t find a “Backup” tab. Is there auto backup in that version?

I’m guessing not and that makes me feel more uneasy. As I’ve said, people who do NaNoWriMo often scramble their words before validating and IMHO, they’re the ones most prone to stumbling on this scenario accidentally. Hope people can spread the word to backup BEFORE scrambling.