Project Search as separate window: exit Search on close

I keep my toolbar hidden. When I use ^-Opt-Cmd-F I get a nice little Project-Search window. When I close that window (which is the natural thing to do, for that mode – I do it by muscle memory, by Cmd-W), it would be nice if Scrivener exited Search Mode i.e. it should be equivalent to clearing the search field.

You know you can tap the Escape key to reset the search field, right? I like how project search is a completely mouse-less affair, too. Fantastic.

I’m not sure that it would be natural to end the search just because you’ve closed the window. You may just want to get the window out of your way so that you can go through the search list.

Did not know that. Thanks! Please consider wish withdrawn.

On second thought - please re-consider this. Perhaps most users keep the toolbar with search visible, but for those who don’t: (a) closing the search window leaves you in a mode where you cannot see everything, and have no visible way to exit the mode, and (b) if you enter the mode by opening the search window it would be reasonably natural to exit it by closing it. Thanks.

In the search results/Binder, look all the way down to the bottom in the control strip. When a search is active you should see a small ‘X’ shaped button. Clicking that will dismiss the current search results even when the search window is closed.

True, I had missed that. I can also do ^-Opt-Cmd-F again and hit escape.

My point is intuitiveness - if I keep toolbar and search field normally hidden, then in my mental model:

  • to enter search mode = to open the search window and type in
  • to exit search mode = to close the search window (I still do it often!)

If that usage is not considered common or intuitive, that’s OK, I can live with it :neutral_face: