Project Search does not bring up the searched words that are found

I find myself with this problem.
In Project Search, if I search with the “exact phrase” option, it gives me in Binder order all the documents in which my searched phrase appears. And it highlights them, but does not bring up the first instance of the searched phrase’s occurrence; nor it is possible to jump to the next, for the Find floating window, even if present, is greyed out.
The only way I have found, is to return to Document Search after having done Project Search – the found documents remain in the Binder, purpled – and then inspect them one after the other through the Find window, which is now operational. Unfortunately the selection of Document Search must be repeated for every document in the binder, and this is a pain.

I am a fiction writer. I often need to search for a special word or phrase (usually a name or denotation) in an entire project, because I have changed it and want consistency. Through many drafts and snippets and chapters that I have ordered according to what works for me, the phrase to be changed may occur one, two, three hundred times. The inability to easily do this is destroying, for me, every utility of having multiple documents accessible in the Binder.
Is there a way around?

Once you have the search Collection, use Scrivenings mode to load all the documents at once. The “Document” search actually searches everything in the Editor.


With several hundred documents Scrivenings should work reasonably well if these documents are not too long. The more documents, the longer the potential waiting time.

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You mean, select them all together :slight_smile: That actually works. Thanks.

Several hundred instances of the phrase to find, not several hundred documents :slight_smile: . But thanks.

It could have been that each instance is in a different document :slightly_smiling_face: if not, much better.

I just wanted to say that building these scrivenings can be slow.

I would welcome an option that allows you to continue the search in the next document with ⌘G instead of just going round in circles in the same document.

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