Project search doesn't remember document page

This has been a minor annoyance for quite some time now, but over the years, it’s been growing on me:

When you do a project search, you end up on the page containing the keyword - fine. Next step in my workflow is to delete the search word again, so I see the document I found back in it’s original context in the binder (i.e. is it in the beginning of my project, or at the end). Unfortunately, when I remove the search term, the binder stubbornly shows me the page I was at BEFORE I did the search. So to actually get to the document I found via search, I have to remember its title and search for it manually now. I hardly think that’s intended.


Anyone? Please?

Right-click on the document title in the search results, select “reveal in binder”. You’ll be back in the binder view with that document selected.

Ah, that’s terrific. Thanks so much!