Project search function not working at all

I’ve come back to do some writing in Scrivener after a hiatus of a month or two, and I find the project search function is not working at all. I enter search text either by the hotkey combination to call up the dialog, or by typing in the search box on the toolbar - and in neither case do I get any results. The stripey search results box on the left hand side remains empty.

I’ve tried rebooting my machine, I’ve tried opening a completely new project and just typing in a few words of text into a new document. Still no results. The simple in-document find seems to work fine, it’s only the project find that seems broken.

I’m running Mavericks, Scrivener 2.6 on a 2013 11" mac book air.

Any help would be appreciated - I need this function!


Can anyone who is using mavericks and this version of Scrivener tell me if they have the same problem, or not?


I am not seeing anything like that here. I just loaded up a project, searched and got a bunch of results. Maybe check the magnifying glass menu and make sure it isn’t set to something weird.

Ordinarily I would suggest holding down the Option key on the File menu, and selecting Save and Rebuild Search Indexes, which will appear. But, you say it happens in a new test project, too. Was that starting from Blank?

Another thing you can try: when you search, click in the “Search Results” sidebar header bar. This will load the sidebar contents into the main editor, as a group—in other words you can load search results as a corkboard or even Scrivenings session. I’m curious to see if maybe there is a display bug that is causing the sidebar results to fail on your system, but perhaps when using the standard corkboard, outliner or Scrivenings views, you’ll see the results.

The magnifying glass menu … doh! It was set to something weird.

Thank you so much Amber.

This post helped me too… clicked on the “magnifying glass” icon - I had set search option to “Label” rather than “All”.