Project Search function not working: release candidate 8

Hi there, the project search function in Scrivener is not working for me in my biggest project. Quick search and Find works fine, though they are both limiting and time-consuming compared to project search.

What happens is when I put a word in project search, I get a lot of results that don’t have that word in it. It just pulls up dozens of random pages that don’t have that word included.

This happens only on one of my projects, the biggest one I have. On my smaller projects, project search works just fine. Project replace works fine in all cases. I wonder if this has something to do with project search not working over a certain size of files. My project is 115,000 words, and there are many notes as well, so probably close to 200,000 words in total.

I first noticed this with release candidate six, and assumed it was an obvious thing that would get fixed. The problem persists in release candidates seven and eight.

If you think I’m doing something wrong, or there’s a workaround, please let me know.

Run File > Save and Rebuild Search Indexes.

Thanks Tiho,
Tried that (and restarted several times), but it did nothing. I can type a nonsense word (like iruieoout) and get lots of results- from almost every single file.

Any other ideas?

I should mention that this behaves the same on the 2 different machines I have Scrivener installed on.

Make sure that you have selected the proper meta-data or text only for your search. When you search in ALL(which is the default I believe), you might get results due to meta data match(keyword name for example) and not main text match.

I’m not seeing a meta-data option in the project search, Tiho. When I select “project search,” I only get a search box. Even when I put a random word in that box that exists nowhere in the document or in any of the meta-data, it comes up with search results for nearly every document. And as I mentioned in my original post, it is only happens with one of my projects (my largest one).

Click the icon at the begging of the search field for an extended list of search options. These options are saved per project, so it explains why it works as you expect it only in some of your projects.

If nothing helps, uploading a small project with only few documents and some text is probably the best way to reproduce the problem.

And note in that magnifying glass menu, toward the bottom is a command to reset search settings to default. That’s a good first thing to try when you get weird or spotty results.

That was it, thank you. My setting were “include all” “Exclude all” and “invert”

What’s weird is that I didn’t even know that menu existed, so I have no idea how that would’ve shifted. But I know about it now!

Thanks again!

Thanks! I don’t know how my settings got off, but they’re all good now.

Okay, my project search works as you intended, now that I know about the search options. HOWEVER, when I get the search results, the first thing I click on does nothing.

Let’s say there are 3 results, and the 2nd of those is the one I want. If I click directly on it, nothing happens. I have to first click on one of the other results, THEN on the result I want.

This would not be a big problem, but if there is only 1 result, there is no way to access the page I want.

I could be wrong, but it seems like a bug.

Thanks again!

This bug (first click will not open the document in the editor) is described in few other threads and will be fixed in the next update.

Great, thanks.