Project Search - indicate "Search In", more?

I change my kind of search somewhat regularly.

Could the project search widget (in the toolbar, and stand-alone if toolbar is hidden) display the current “Search In” choice (All, Title, Label…), and perhaps the Operator (Exact phrase, All words…)? The drop-down works fine to change the choices, but it would be nice to see what the search will do.


I like how the new DEVONthink handles this. When the search field is empty, the search options are displayed in the typing area using a light grey font. Since you’d generally only be concerned about search type before you search, this works as the typing area would be empty.

I like that idea. I’ll take a look at how DT does it, and I’ve added it to the list for 2.0.

More stuff on the 2.0 to do list? Can you make it a 2.2 list? I know my usage is simple so maybe this is more important than it seems to me. Just want to see 2.0 roll out the door.

2.0 is on the long haul now anyway. That is, the aim is for a late 2009 release. I need to regain steam, and I’m working on a small side project (Scrivener-related, with benefits to 2.0, to be announced soon) as part of that process for now. So I still add a couple of small things to the list here and there - this one should only be a few lines of code.
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The DT approach is nice before you type your search in; however, I don’t usually read the settings carefully before typing in a search. But after doing the search, if the results are unexpected, I really want to see the active search settings.

So, if possible, please show the search settings in some form (e.g. small font, in the spare space above/below the field, if you have access to that) even when the search field itself is occupied.