Project Search only searches in the Compilation folder [July Beta]

In Scrivener 1.9 I can search a word on the whole project. But in Scrivener 3 actual Beta, when I click the pointing down arrow from the top left search bar and press “Project Search”, then enter a term and press enter, the search only shows me results from the Compilation folder.

How can I search a term in the WHOLE project? And how can I manage the included/excluded folders? For example, maybe I want to exclude the search in the Trash folder…

Maybe the issue is that I imported the project from Scrivener 1.9 to Scrivener 3? Is that why the project search option doesn’t work?

Beta issues should be reported in the Beta forum. Topic moved. – Katherine

Hello Bombermans,

What options are selected when you click on the blue magnifying glass to the right of the Project Search field?