Project search operators

In the Project Search dropdown menu, only one of the four Operators (Exact phrase / All words / Any words / Whole words) seems to activate at any one time.

I have a novel that uses metric measurements. I was doing a check for rogue imperial measurements the other day. It would have been nice to have been able to search for “Any words” + “Whole words” on inch/inches/foot/feet/yard/yards…

(The ambiguity of “foot” and “yard” pre-empts a global search/replace…)

Could the “whole words” option mix’n’match with other operators? Or am I coming at it from completely the wrong angle…?

Does “any word” search not give the effect you want?

At a guess, “any word” without “whole words” would match pinch when searching for inch and many other non-whole-word matches.

I have a question about the “project find” (and replace) function. I exported the text of my blog to Pages then to rtf. It put in letters instead of some punctuation. For example ’ is used for an apostrophe (’). I thought this would be no problem. I would do a project replace and change them all instantly. But when I put in REPLACE ’ WITH ’ I get the message “Non found” though there are hundreds, possibly thousands in the project. I’ve made sure that my cursor is simply hanging out in the project, not marking a text selection. I have checked only “ignore case” and “text.” WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? :neutral_face:

It’s a bit difficult to say without seeing the project. Could you post some screenshots of the Project Replace box with your settings and a chunk of text that you know has the text you want to find (but which is being missed) in it?

Thank you for your help. Here are links to three screen shots:

Here is my document:

Here is the replace screen:

Here is the document after the replacement. Although the dialog says the function made changes in 20 (of about 100) documents, it did not make changes in this one. See this “after” screenshot:

I have updated to version 1.53.

Thank you again, Bonnie

Curious. Could you please zip up the project - or just a test project containing this text, having checked that it still doesn’t work on the test project - and send it to me at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com?