Project Search options

It would be nice if the Project Search dropdown option box could be, instead of a menu, a panel/window, that would stay open, with checkboxes or buttons next to the options. It would make project searching a much smoother trip.

The way it is now, clicked items shut down the menu, which is behavior you want in a conventional menu where you’re typically clicking a single command that gets executed.

But the Project search menu has 3 option categories across 20 interactive options. Having it close each time you change one of them isn’t a lot of fun. It adds many steps to setting up search criteria, which can happen dozens of times a day.

Also, setting the desired search criteria can require up to 3 menu selections, which trigger a search, which then updates the binder’s results display.

The Project Search box is positioned within the menu and toolbar scheme, which is great because it’s always right there, which is great because project search is the nazz. But that doesn’t mean it should function like a menu when accessing it’s nazziness.

Thanks, we might consider that. There are a few places that would benefit from a temporary palette view, either as an option or a sole method of interaction—such as Outliner column configuration, and a few other areas as well. The main challenge is building the widget class itself, since the toolkit has nothing like that. We might be half-way there with the widget class we built for the colour selection tools in the text/highlight controls of the Format Bar (that, obviously in its current form, isn’t exactly what you’re asking for). Our first attempt at such a thing is the Corkboard Options panel, from the footer bar. It’s okay, but having to explicitly click a close button isn’t ideal. The best approach is to dismiss if you click anywhere but within confines of the widget. Anyway, that’s probably more than you wanted to know. :mrgreen:

Meanwhile, I’m sure you’re aware of the capability, but do note you can save common settings into a search collection. Once you switch to a collection, the settings that were used to create it will be applied to the Project Search tool—and thus you can use it as a platform for branching off to common search patterns, or to at least pre-select most of the options you wish to use.