Project Search Options

Is there anywhere in Scrivener to select your default project search options. I would love to have the current default search exclude Trash and Templates (as I’m using that folder as a scene boneyard). Also is there anyway to produce a hot key for Resetting (to your default) or Saving Search? Lastly, I was wondering why there was no option to search Research folder only. It’s strange as this option does exist in filter (group modes) by the option to search Non-Draft Folders, but I find myself far more needing to search Research only in the Binder than I do from a group mode - when in Group mode and am always searching the Draft folder exclusively.

The ability to save a search collection is intended to be how you would approach the matter of defaults. The user manual goes over this technique in detail, in §11.1.4, Using a Saved Search Collection for Further Searching.

Because there is a general purpose “Search Binder Selection Only” option that covers that, and myriad other potential uses. Select the Research folder, set that option and now your search will be confined to the contents of that folder—whatever folder it might be.

Note that option is the one thing you can’t save into a search collection directly, but you can do so after creating the collection, as an advanced option.

Thank you. So I’ll just have to set Research as target and choose Binder Selection only. I see how that would be impossible to save as a “smart collection”. Yes I’m a big fan of saving “search collection” templates for" inline keywords" like your great “Task List” using CODE // (task) and \ (done) and for things like “keyword only” etc.

I’m just wondering why Filters use non-draft only and Search does not - am I missing something?

Also as far as hotkeys for Save search and Reset is it just a quality control issues - making it too easy is a detriment?

Glad to hear the keyword system for marking documents is working well for you!

That wouldn’t directly imply the Research folder though, since that is only one place you might put things. You can have any number of top level folders of course, so “Non-Draft” isn’t quite the same as wanting to only search through Research.

That aside, I’m not sure on the rationale for why Project Search lacks a “non-draft” option. That’s probably not the right way to think about it. Filtering the editor has that option specifically because you might be filtering from mixed sources and there would be no other way of actually doing that.

That’s not the case with Project Search—there you can do this already with the existing tools. So the question becomes less about needing a feature to even do something, and more about making something you can already do more convenient. And that is when you get into whether or not it’s worth adding to the clutter of this menu with a specific hard-coded exemption—especially one that is more inclined toward being one-off setting than something you’d set and forget, like even Draft-only can be.

There is no specific reason in particular, other than the general purpose: there are many different things that different people do frequently that others never use in their life. In most cases the ability to customise one’s menus on a Mac is good enough of an answer to us not having one out of the box.

Of course in this case the function is only accessible from a special menu that isn’t keyboard accessible. Generally we do not add shortcuts to these types of contexts because they cannot be customised, and it basically removes that shortcut from the potential pool you can use to customise with, since there is no way to override it.

For this to be practical it would mean copying or moving those commands into another menu, I think. That might not be a bad idea, save that there isn’t a really good place for either of those commands.

Thanks again for prompt reply. I get the shortcuts rationale and not offering the non-Draft option in Project search to reduce the clutter. It’s only one more move of tapping Research folder (or whatever) and using Binder Selection option,

The one I can’t grapple by head around is why non-draft would be in Group Search Filter at all. If it deserved a place it would be Project Search, thus limited search to only notes/references etc. After all I have many searchable items that exist in both. However when I’m looking at Corkboard or Outliner I’m exclusively looking at my Draft. I could think of a few reasons to search non Draft, i.e. making sure items aren’t “compiled”, but otherwise it is 95% used for Draft only.

btw - I’ve scoured the forums and your response/fixes/advice are incredible. Thanks so much.

Thank you! I’m happy some of my posts have been helpful. :slight_smile:

I brushed over that as if it were obvious, but it has to do with the fact that Collections can be loaded into the main editor and further filtered. A collection can of course pull from all over the binder, and you might from that want to narrow things down by whether or not it is “printable” material.

That is what I meant by this providing a capability that otherwise couldn’t be done. There would be no way of filtering out Draft content from a collection list without this toggle.

Yeah it’s not too bad as something done now and then. And do note you can save a collection to search this way, after it is created, so the above can also be a matter of clicking on Research and then on the collection tab with the search. Since all of those actions can be keyboard enabled, I’d consider that a superior approach if this were done often.

  1. ⌃⌥⌘B to target the binder sidebar.
  2. Type in “resea…” or however much you need.
  3. Hit your custom shortcut for Navigate ▸ Collections ▸ Prepared Search Collection.

(A note on the latter, I recommend full “Navigate->Collections->Prepared Search Collection” nomenclature in System Preferences, since collection names are featured a few times in the menus. Secondly macOS itself struggles a bit with assigning custom shortcuts to dynamic menus like this one. You will need to look at the menu once per session. Alternatively if you use a third-party tool like BetterTouchTool or Keyboard Maestro, you may find it works better. I use BTT for a general purpose Navigate ▸ Collections ▸ Binder command and it always works.)

Thanks. I never thought about it in terms of collections, however if non-draft was an option in the Project search options I wouldn’t have to further to filter in the first place. And I could save the prepared search collection" - I can’t save a prepared search collection using additional Filter.

Binder Selection: one cannot use this as criteria in prepared search collection; it will not allow you to save (grayed out) presumably in affect binder wasn’t chosen. I wish I could do this one. It is not possible to have a prepared search for research or non-draft folder only. :frowning:. I will live, there are too many other awesome features in this app.

Thanks for the hint on BTT. I’ve used it and just might again for dynamic menu changes i.e. when Binder focus changes to “Search Results.”

Project Search already has the freeform capacity to filter your results by non-Draft placement, it doesn’t need a dedicated feature built into it to provide that capability. It has one for (Draft=true) because that is a very common desire, but (Draft=false) is not, so it like the millions of other possible containment filtering options people my desire, is left to the freeform selection based interface for pre-filtering the data pool.

The situation is not the same for filtering in the editor (setting aside Project Search itself being the ultimate pre-filter—not all collections are built from searching). If you open a collection of 150 items, a scattered and unknown 85 of which are in the Draft, and all you want to see are your notes—how do you do that? We can’t really use Project Search to operate within a collection. There is no column that shows the path of an item in the binder so that we could sort and eliminate them from the view. Filtering out Draft items would be a long slog of manual labour, creating a second collection list potentially, after going through all 150 items one by one, with Reveal in Binder or waiting for the tooltip in the header bar, and adding them to the “Non-Draft” collection if they qualify.

So all of that above is what I mean when I say that this toggle is in editor filtering because the task would be practically impossible otherwise. It is not in project search because it takes three seconds to reach the same condition as having a dedicated filter—and unlike a dedicated filter setting, you can pre-filter project search by any combination of containers in the binder, not just one hard axis: Drafts vs Not.