Project search text entry loads another document in editor

Often, when I enter text into the project search box, the document in the active editor window will be substituted for another (not necessarily containing the search term) as I type. Why is this? Does this happen to anyone else?

I’ve never heard of anything like that before. There wouldn’t be any features in Scrivener that do that on purpose, especially not while typing in the project search field. There are perhaps keyboard shortcuts that could be triggered accidentally while typing. For example if you hit Cmd-[ the editor will go “back” in history to what you were viewing before (and if you were unaware of that capability, there is how you can easily undo whatever is going on here).

Are there any other factors you can think of: Is it always the same document? Does it happen in every project? Does it happen after restarting the software or rebooting the Mac? Do any of the menus flash when it happens?

It is a random thing, but it happens quite regularly (a few times a week), in different documents. When it happens, I can’t replicate it.

I’ve only noticed it in my main project, but that represents 90% of my Scrivener use. It’s a large project (419MB) about 6 years in the making.

I’ll try to pay more attention next time it happens, but I’m so used to it, I usually just get back to my original document and move on.