Project search usability


I’m looking for a convenient way to use the project search-feature. At the moment it’s like this: Whenever I put a phrase in the search-box a sidebar opens with all the files that have this phrase in it. The Problem: How to get easy to the results IN these files? When I click on one file that file opens but doesn’t jump to the phrase I searched for. I have to switch to it and use the find-tool to get there.

Suggestion: Why not highlight and jump to the first find when one clicks in the search-sidebar? Then using the Command-G to find the next result.

Or am I missing something here?


The words in the searched documents are highlighted red. The rest works the same as in Mail - as you note just hit Cmd-F to bring up the regular Find panel. The searched phrases is ready for you in the Find panel, so you can then just use it to search through the text (as in Mail, like I say). The next update fixes a minor bug where you have to bring up the Find panel - in the next update you will just be able to hit Cmd-G without first bringing up the Find panel.

All the best,

Thanks. That’s good.