Project Search

I’m having a problem with project search. Specifically, when I select project search from the menu, nothing happens. I would think a box would come up with a place to put my search terms but nothing. Am I missing something?

It is likely you have a quick search bar located in the toolbar. If you look closely, when you select project search, you should see your cursor jumps up there. It really isn’t meant to be accessed from the menu, since if you are going to use the mouse you might as well just click in the search area. It is for people who want to use the Cmd-Ctrl-F shortcut to get up there with the keyboard.

Oh, and if the toolbar is hidden, or that search field is not available in the toolbar, then a little window will pop up. So if you prefer that behaviour, just remove it from the toolbar.

I did not have quick search in the tool bar but, having placed it there, it now performs as described. Thanks.

Yep, this was a bug in 1.03, fixed for the next version (the beta of which you can download from the Beta Testing forum). What is meant to happen is that if the search field is in the toolbar, Project Search will place the focus there; if the search field isn’t there, a panel will appear. However, in 1.03, this only happened in the toolbar wasn’t visible at all. D’oh! Like I say, fixed in the new beta.