Project Search

I apologize if I missed a post on this. I tried to find one.

When I select Project Search, nothing happens. Not a pop-up screen. Not a thing.

This is something that would be really useful to have working. Any idea? Any help is appreciated!


Check the main application toolbar, up where you would search in Windows Explorer, if you’ve ever done that. The menu is there just for guidance, if you want to learn the shortcut, it would be quicker just to click in the toolbar otherwise of course. You can make it pop up if you want, but that involves hiding the toolbar.

Have you gone through the Interactive Tutorial yet from the Help menu?

Hi Amber,

Thank you for your help! I was able to see where I could add to the toolbar, though I didn’t see Project Search as one (more learning to do, I think!) Your direction, however, also made me realize I should just use the Scrivenings view and then use Find. I think that solves my problem!

Thank you taking the time to show me what can be done! :slight_smile:

Yeah sounds like you got it figured out, project search is more like in Outlook or Gmail when you search for mail in general. It’s for looking through the project and giving you a list of resources that match your request. It can search for labels, keywords, all kinds of things as well as bulk text. Once you’ve got the text in the editor though, Ctrl-F is almost always better. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Amber. That was super helpful! :smiley: