Project search?

I see references to using “Project search” - but my tired eyes can’t seem to find this feature. I DO see the magnifying/search icon when I’m inside the editor on a single document - but that doesn’t find occurences of the search text outside of the document.

Please help: how do I perform a search for all occurences of a text string within a Scrivner project? (Ideally, I should be able to pick my starting point - like the “Research” folder or any other arbitrary start point…)

Many thanks!

Pull down that entire panel that is The Binder/Sidebar.

From page 7 of the Tutorial PDF; heading = The Binder : … torial.pdf

EDIT : I had forgotten about the helpful video produced by L&L. It’ll give you a visual of the pull down for search at about the 3:20 mark. If whiskers is entered as a search item, documents containing it will appear below the search box. When you open one of those documents, whiskers will be highlighted.

Ah great - many thanks! I really hate hidden functionality - don’t know why Apple promotes that kinda thing - but I’m very happy that you’ve pointed it out to me… it works great…