Project/Session Targets

My apologies if this topic has already been covered on the forum. I did look, but could not find anything specific to this question, which maybe because I am rubbish at searching.

I love the project/session targets option.

However, when it comes to session targets, will future updates have a facility to limit this function to whatever one has entered in the Draft/manuscript folder. I note if I add something to my research folder, then that text is included in my session target count, which is not what I need. Is this perhaps a bug, or is it intended to work that way?

Also, would it be at all feasible to be able to enter a negative value as a session target? I am referring to already written scenes here. When editing, I need to cull my wordcount and I think that would offer a helpful guide. I understand that editing is not a readily quantifiable process, but I am talking about a guide, not a precise wordcount, so maybe a percentage option…