When I tap the gear icon at the foot of the binder, then tap EDITOR>AUTO-COMPLETE LIST, I see an empty list titled “Auto-Complete” and there’s the word “Edit” looking for all the world like a button, but greyed-out.

How do I add things to this list? In particular, I’d like to add three-letter shortcuts for names of characters in the story so I don’t have to type them out each time.

Hi Conrad,

I use letter combinations for characters’ names, but I use the Corrections facility under Options.

I’m using Windows, so your system might be different. Under Corrections, click on Edit Substitutions. A new window will pop up where you can add your letter combinations that will be substituted with your characters’ names. For example, I use EE and substitute Elly, etc. Admittedly, using two uppercase letters causes problems when writing in all caps, but that rarely happens and can be dealt with. One could use three letters, of course.

I also have set up substitutions for , which becomes ," and !! which becomes !" etc.