Project Settings fails to close properly

There is an annoying bug on macOS where, when closing Project Settings, the app loses focus (it goes into the background) then, upon returning to the app, when you try to close the Project Settings window, it doesn’t close. I noticed that the color of the text with the tab name even loses the white color and becomes grey. To get out of this state one has to close the project (no need to restart the app) as the Proj. Set. window won’t close. It happened about 10 times already.

I bring it up because it didn’t get fixed. Anyway, that is all I know right now about it.

I’ve never seen that happen. Can you provide the following details?

  • macOS and Scrivener version (I’m assuming NaNo build given the wording).
  • What conditions are required to see it—how do I get there from a new blank project window for example.
  • Go into the General: Warnings preference pane, and enable Show internal error alerts. With that on, and reproducing the problem, do you see an exception being thrown?
  • What is it that you are referring to as the “tab color”? This might be something folded into the second question; maybe you’re talking about macOS window tabs, which would be part of the conditions you are using.

Also, the app crashes every time I use the secondary click on the text color item in the formatting toolbar.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to this. Have you tried some basic troubleshooting steps yet, like resetting preferences and reinstalling the software?