Project Settings Panel - Misleading Screen Prompt ("New Section")

Screen shot of Project Settings Panel. Clicking the “+” sign at the bottom brings up a new row, with the prompt “New Section.” But this is incorrect. I am not adding a new section (that is accomplished by clicking the “+” in the icon bar along the top of the screen when I’m in the Binder or by hitting the Return key within the binder itself). Rather, I am adding a new Section Type, which I can confirm by looking at the list of Section Types in the Inspector.

This may seem like a small quibble, but it’s not. Especially for a newcomer, trying to sort out the relative functions of the Binder and the Inspector.


I agree that your suggestion would make the interface clearer. I have tagged this for feedback.

@KB @AmberV. Do you agree?

I think there are problems with both approaches, which is why on the Mac you don’t get any example text at all, it just puts the cursor into a field so you can start typing.

The issue with the semantics here is a bit subtle. It is a new section type, yes at a high level, but what that section type is or what we are calling it, isn’t a type, it is a thing or a component of the project’s semantics. It is a “Glossary Entry”, or a “Subsection”, it isn’t a “Subsection Type”, at least not at that level of naming.

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I understand your explanation of the semantics Ioa.

If I may, I’d like to add that users do not have any idea of what goes on behind the scenes. Since the interface basically says “this is a list of section types” and other parts of the interface refer to sections, maybe differentiating them more clearly to the user with consistent naming conventions - especially where the user sees these terms would be helpful? Just my two cents. :blush:

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I think overall we need to think about how overloaded the word “section” is, in Scrivener, yes. :slight_smile:

It’s a tough one since ‘section’ is suitably generic for all of the many ways Scrivener gets used, and indeed within an individual project, and so it is thus useful—to a point.

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It could just say “New section type”…

Or simply “New”.

Maybe rather than type maybe new section value, implying you then define this value (section type) to conform to your project needs. This would avoid confusions with the manual discusssion of New Section Types.

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Please no, not a new section “Value.” That just introduces another noun.

Scrivener uses “Section type” all the way through, in a fairly consistent manner. One creates, names, and renames section “Types” in the Project Panel. One assigns those section “Types” to the various folders, documents, and document groups of the Draft, either on the basis of the tree structure, or individually (via the Inspector).

LIkewise, one can double check the Section Type of the “document” or “folder” either via the Inspector (assuming one has selected the appropriate doc or folder in the Binder), or in Outline Mode.

The word “value” - as in “What is the Value of the Section Type?” - is redundant, just like “rate of speed.” “Speed” is already a rate (distance/time). To say “rate of speed” is mathematically nonsensical. Likewise, the “value of a section type” is redundant. The “type” is its value.

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Yes, as noted above, I feel the correct answer here is already established in the Mac version. Just give one a field to type in. When you make a keyword in the inspector, it doesn’t give you a prompt you have to overtype, it gives you a new row to type in.

Nobody has ever expressed any confusion over that.


Agree with Amber V. I (and other new users, I think) would be far better served with a blank field than the current situation, where the user is faced with a confusing / potentially misleading prompt.

As the saying goes, sometimes “Less is more.”

Thanks to all of you for taking an interest.