Project Shared Between Mac and PC

For some reason I can’t post in the Windows Forum, but the issue apparently involves both PC and Mac.

I have a project that was created on a Mac and which is, almost daily, edited on both my Mac and PC using Dropbox. Never any issue, until today, when opening the project on the PC the latest version of the draft is not opened (whether it’s opened directly with a double click or by open recent). The version that opens is outdated and may be a cached copy. I’ve even tried pulling the project file from the PC Dropbox folder and forcing Dropbox to update, but no luck…I can’t even see the file until I put the folder back into the PC Dropbox. I have even opened the file on the Mac, done an edit, save and close and watched the popup on the PC notifying of updated files, but when I open the current file, I still only get an outdated draft version.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sounds to me like you have a conflicted .scrivx file that your PC is opening up, and a different on that the Mac is opening. Open the project on your mac, add a document, and then quit. The .scrivx file with the most recent time stamp after that will be the one that the Mac is using; I’d suggest setting the other aside and if the Mac version has “conflicted” in its name, remove that part. Also, while you’re there, look for other files with “conflicted” in their names.


Thanks for the suggestions, but after trying it, still no luck. There are no conflicted files on the Mac and I removed EVERYTHING on the PC that showed ‘conflicted’, including .scrivx, backups and binder (leaving only un-conflicted files, including the latest draft which, as you suggested, I had modified on the Mac. It showed updated at the latest modification time, but when opened, no matter how, the outdated contents appear. I even moved the project folder out of and into the Scrivener files folder on the Mac Dropbox, watch he directory change on the PC and try again…same bad outcome.

Any other thoughts?

I last tried duplicating the file in the binder on the Mac which is the file that isn’t showing up on the PC, and while I see the update occur on the PC, opening the updated file still fails to show the updated binder files. I went into the PC’s project doc folder and verified that the project has two copies of the last created files (those that are failing to show up on the PC)…both copied of the added file are present, but they do not appear in the project when it’s opened on he PC, whether the .scrivx file is double clicked or the opening done from the opening splash screen.

I should mention that my Mac-PC-Mac-PC workflow has been without issue for months, even after the recent update on the PC. This issue just started in the last 24 hours.

I’m always VERY careful to watch the save and updates to make sure that all Dropbox files have properly updated before opening a file on a different machine.

How do you spell exasperating … :slight_smile:

Well, nothing works, including duplicating the entire project inside the binder…it shows up in the docs file on the PC, but not in the PC’s binder, so, suspecting a Windows registry issue, I took the cowardly way out and Exported the Duplicated Project Files and Imported them into a New Blank Project which opens fine on the PC. I think that workaround fully resolves the issue, but I’d hate to think that I may need to do it again.

Robert, thanks again, and if you have any final thoughts, I’d welcome them.

Have you tried using a different method, e.g. a USB stick, to copy the project from the Mac to the PC? Eliminating the Dropbox variable from the problem would help figure out what’s going on. It would still leave any old conflicted files, etc. in the project so it’s not perfect, but it at least gets rid of the sync as a present factor. We’ve seen a number of reports related to Dropbox sync problems recently–not Scrivener specific, but just a failure to sync Dropboxed files properly between machines–so you may also want to try clearing the Dropbox cache.

Thanks, MM, but…

Not only does clearing the Mac Dropbox cache not help, I also cleared the PC Dropbox cache to no avail. The fact that there is no cached version of the file in the Dropbox folder on either machine now and problem persisting, suggests to me again a Windows registry issue. I don’t know what else could cause Scrivener to ‘see’ a current file as containing outdated text.

For the time being, I’ll just continue with my renamed duplicate that I created on the Mac. It is synching without issue between both machines.

If anyone has any other thoughts, though, I’d be happy to hear them :wink:

Again, updating issues between Mac and PC via Dropbox. Changes made on the Mac, properly saved and then properly project closed suddenly not being reflected on Win 8 PC and NOTHING works to correct the issue including ‘Save As’ on project to different name on Mac and then open on PC. Clearing Dropbox caches has no effect. This is second major project on which the issue is seen. Am I the only user experiencing the issue?

BTW, the fact that the PC ‘sees’ and opens the Dropbox file with the latest updated time stamp but fails to find the changes that the Mac made in the file at that time seems like a clue, but I know not to what. Opening the same latest file on the Mac reveals the file changes that were not picked up by the PC.

I’m no longer thinking that this is a Win registry issue.

Very frustrating. Suggestions welcome…again… :frowning:

At this point, I suggest you work on just salvaging all of your data.

Start by creating a new blank project.

  1. Delete every folder and file in the blank project that you can (the Draft/Manuscript, Research, and Trash folders can’t be deleted, but they should be empty).

  2. With your completely blank project, open your messed up project (aka the “Old” project).

  3. Arrange the windows with the empty project on bottom, with the binder visible to the left, and the original one you’re having trouble with on top and to the right.

  4. Select all of the files from the Draft folder of the Old project and drag them to the empty project’s Draft/Manuscript folder. (Note: Don’t try to drag non-Draft folder contents into a Draft folder; many file types just won’t be copied if you do).

  5. Do the same with the Research folder. If there are any other top-level folders, drag them to your new project.

  6. Put your new project into your Dropbox folder & let it sync up to the servers and then down to your other computer.

  7. On your other computer, open the new and old projects.

  8. In the New project create a “fake” version of all top-level folders (Draft/manuscript, Research, Characters, etc…) Name them for the computer you’re at.

  9. Repeat the process of copying all contents over to these fake folders.

  10. Close the old project and archive it (right click and there should be some kind of zip compression/archive option… DO NOT USE 7-Zip if it’s installed; it doesn’t play nice with Scrivener and a lot of other programs).

Now you’ll have one project that should work properly on both computers. Experiement by creating new files on one, and then going to the other to see that they appear as expected. Once that’s confirmed, then you can carefully compare each folder & file to see that you have the best possible copy of each. Make use of snapshots, then copy the contents from the “fake” files over existing ones in the “real” Draft/Research/whatever folders; you’ll be able to use the Mac’s comparison tools to see how they differ, if at all. In this way, you can whittle everything down to your cannonical project without fear of losing anything, and if you leave your trash full, then you can always go to it if you fear you deleted something that you shouldn’t have.

Thanks, Rob…I have a project working on both Mac and PC now, but I shortcut your suggestions a bit. I just copied the old project file on the Mac to a flash drive for archival backup and created a new blank project with a new name…then I selected and dragged the files from the old project on the Mac, as you suggested, to the new blank draft, synced and reopened it on the PC and it was all there…made modifications which were visible on the Mac and vice versa…all working now as it should. Dragging the files to a new Blank Draft apparently resolved the issues that Save As (different project name) did not.

Thank you for the advise and the solution!

Glad you worked it out; my step-by-step was the ultra-paranoid path to reconciling your two views of the same projects on different machines; following my full instructions would definitely be a lot of work for very little gain since you were aware of the discrepancies between Mac & Windows.

The Save As, I think, is just a Scrivener generated copy of our project, flaws and all, as if you had duplicated it with the Finder instead. That’s probably why it didn’t fix anything; whatever was borked in the original was being copied to the Save As copy.