project size limit?

I am running latest version of scrivener for mac. my project size is approx 420MB. i havent had any issues backing up, but would like to know if this file size is too large and do you recommend breaking the project into smaller project files? if so, how do i do that?

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If you’re happy with the performance of backup and such, then don’t worry about it too much. The only real limitation in the format is how much patience you have for backup and load times. One important thing to note in the Backup preference pane is the zip compression option. That is on by default to save space and ease transit of files over the network (as a lot of people point their backup folder to Dropbox and whatnot), but switching it off will greatly decrease backup times.

Generally you would want to avoid this, but if it gets to the point where backing up is too slow, you could consider forking the project into research and WIP, so that the latter can continue to be backed up as much as possible and the research project more seldom. Of course that reduces how tightly you can integrate the manuscript with the research, but note that you can link objects between projects (so long as you do not move or rename them) by right-clicking on the item in the Binder and selecting “Copy Document Link”. That will generate a URL to that specific item that you can paste into a hyperlink or a Reference in the Inspector.

Amber had some great suggestions. I had to modify my backup procedure a bit. I only backup when I start and close a project. I used to have it back up with each manual save, but that was very slow for a file that is almost 600 megabytes. I also only keep the last 10 copies.