Project size


I have been enjoying using scrivener for IOS on my iPhone. It is an awesome program and makes it very easy to work on my stories on the go.

I have noticed that the larger my projects get, the longer the response time for typing gets. My large project has at least 20,000 files right now, and things have become very slow. It takes several minutes to open the project and about half a minute to press the back button or to type a word when I get into the project. In my smaller projects, everything still works very fast, so I am thinking about separating my project into a few smaller projects.

If I separate my project into smaller projects on the iPhone now, is there a shortcut to combine the projects into one project later either in IOS or on the Mac?


There’s no shortcut, but you can combine (or split) projects in Mac Scrivener by simply dragging from the origin to the destination project.