Project specific meta data missing?

Maybe I’m blind, like blind-blind.

But I’m trying to set the meta-data for a project (not the author data globally), like title, and can’t find them anywhere. The note for the header pager says they can be found: Project > Meta-Data Settings… > Project Properties. but there is no such option. (I only found Custom Meta data, I’m not sure is the same)

Additional when I try to open the Scrivener Manual via the Help menu I get:

My version info:
Version: (1274136) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021

Any help would be deeply appreciated (I really need to change the title and add my contact information, as the header page doesen’t seem to use the global author information for that).

File .> Options > General > Author Information

You can download the user manual here: User Manuals | Literature & Latte

Thank you for the input. But that doesn’t help me, because it’s the general author information and nothing project specific + I can’t change the title.

Thank you for the manual link.

But thanks to the manual found them: they are accessible in the main compile overview window.