Project-specific preferences

The ability to save and load options settings as a set of preferences is great, but it could be greatly improved by allowing a project to always load a given preference. That way, when changing projects you would not have to load a new set of preferences in the Options dialogue.

For example, for journal projects I use Arial font size 12, no indent in the first line of paragraphs. I have that saved as “notes preferences.” For writing projects I use times new roman font size 11, indent in the first line of paragraphs and a different zoom. I have that saved as “essay preferences.” It would be nice if when switching between such projects it would automatically change the preference set.

Related to this feature is having the default for a new file as a preset, with that changing with the preferences. You can effectively do that manually by changing presets whenever you change Options, but it would nice to have that update automatically.


Both of these are on the list and will be coming.
All the best,