Project State Confusion

Background: I have been using Scrivener on my desktop and on my netbook. I have ben saving zip compressed back-ups locally on each machine and mirrored to an FTP webspace (which serves as the transfer point between the two machines).
Generally I have the Scrivener UI set-up the same across both machines. However, there little differences. Mainly in the hiding or unhiding of the Toolbar (which really, really, really needs a keyboard shortcut).
When opening the project on a machine after I’ve worked on it on the other machine, the UI will be a bit off. Most commonly there will be two view panes (split screen), even though I stopped using two panes about twenty back-ups ago. Also, the Ruler Bar seems to want to make an appearance even though it has been turned off on both machines.
Also, every few swaps the project will open and be on an earlier, random page than what it was when I saved and backed up the project.
None of this stuff prevents me from getting work done, but it is annoying. Especially when using the netbook as I use it with the touchpad and it’s a bit unwieldly.
I don’t know if this is something that has been reported before or if I’ve fallen victim to some nefarious beta bug.

Have you thought of using Dropbox? It sounds like it would be much easier than your current system and you’d never have the issue of ‘local backups’ which won’t be updated.

I’m using the app on both my desktop and my tablet PC and I have my project file in my Dropbox folder and it opens up in the same state it was in last time I opened it, whichever machine I use.

My FTP webspace works just like dropbox. The only difference is that I use the sync tool in my FTP app (FireFTP - an add-on for Firefox) to mirror my data. I simply don’t need Dropbox. But the use or non-use of Dropbox is irrelevant to the issues I mentioned. I only mentioned my methodology so the developers could see the projects behave oddly between machines that should be in sync.

Running MacScriv 2 and WinScriv 1.6; moving a bu/zipped file back and forth resulted in mass confusion of “Project Open” and “Not Compatible” messages. I’d about given up being able to work a project on Win laptop and returning it to Mac desktop.

If the project is NOT bu/zipped, but just carried (via DropBox or FTP or flashdrive) this problem disappears. Either MacScriv or WinScriv works with same project file perfectly, no complaints.

I don’t have a clue why, but it works for me. Caveat: make sure project is closed each time.


I seem to remember reading somewhere on these forums a warning about copying the uncompressed project folder between machines. I did do exactly that with a very small version (i.e. early version) of the comic script I just finished and I do recall there were several files that were different sizes between my two machines.