Project Statisics in Footer?

Since I’ve commenced my NaNoWriMo with the NaNotrial 2.0 this November, I’ve obsessively checked my word count. Unfortunately this do mean that I have to whack the ol’ command every few minutes. Is there any way in which I can view my wordcount of the entire project in the bottom footer bar?

In a way. That counter is for text scope, not project scope, though that does imply that you can select the entire draft and view it in scrivenings mode to get a read on the entire project (though this will include notes). A better tool for this, so you don’t have to sacrifice Scrivener’s ability to jump around in your text is to leave the Project Target palette open. This is a real-time counter that can show you in a visual way how far you are along in your work.

“Notes” meaning inline annotations/footnotes or non-manuscript documents within the Draft folder, yes? As opposed to document/project notes. I use this method, but I’ve got a dynamic collection that pulls together all the actual documents I want to count and I’m using inspector comments, so it works fine for me. (Minus the bug where every time I reopen the project my collection randomly changes…but it’s not a big deal and will be corrected with the update, huzzah.) In my case though I’m doing this over Project Targets because I’m working in collaboration and only want to count the documents that are fully mine, despite them all being in the Draft folder and really part of the whole compilation.

Using the Project Target method, make sure if you do have non-manuscript documents included in the Draft folder that you set the target options to count documents “included in compile only” and then be sure your non-manuscript docs are set appropriately.

Correct: notes as in any inline annotation or footnote work. The footer bar does not distinguish between notation and standard text for performance reasons. Thus this is a non-issue if you use linked inspector notation. However it’s still not the best solution because it requires you to work all-in, and one of the big benefits of Scrivener is getting away from that One Huge Draft File problem.

True, true. I edited above to explain why it’s preferable for me (at this stage) over using the Project Targets, which is clearly the better option just to get a straight word count. And what with the quick reference panels, I’ve mostly been leaving a split pane view in the regular editor and then banging out text in full screen anyway with QRs to pull up anything I need if I absolutely cannot get on with out it. But then lately I’ve taken to making my text almost the same color as the background to prevent me from editing as I write, so clearly this is all to be taken with more than the usual grain of salt.

This is what I was looking for, thanks AmberV, you’re a real lifesaver :smiley: